Experiences of working as a Urological Teaching Associate teaching sensitive exams: A qualitative study

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Working as a UTA is an unusual and challenging occupation. UTA’s learn information about sensitive examinations in order to teach students appropriate technique and communication skills from a patient perspective.  They teach while being examined themsleves. In general, these skills are not available to members of the general community. Though the role of the UTA is unique and challenging, there is little research that explores the experiences of UTAs in delivering training in sensitive exams to students using the professional patient model. Thus, the purpose of this research is to explore in depth the experiences of men currently employed by the University of Melbourne UTA program. In particular, we are interested in understanding why men are motivated to join the program, and in exploring their beliefs about how participating in the program has impacted on them more broadly.


Research Publications

Fairbank C.  Men's health : It is imperative to teach scrotal and rectal examinations. The Clinical Teacher June 2011:101-104

Fairbank C. Effective teaching of pelvic examination. The Clinical Teacher  June2009 :101-104

Fairbank C. Reid K . Minzenmay K. Women's experiences of working as a clinical teaching associate teaching sensitive examinations: A qualitative study. Medical Teacher 2015 Vol 37 (1): 47-52

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Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation

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