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David Story

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Western e-HEaLth patient information portal for Pregnancy

We-HELP aims to develop and disseminate health-service specific, patient-centered information about pregnancy and postpartum care using a digital platform at Western Health. This project takes advantage of networks and connectivity offered by mobile devices to improve outcomes for mothers and their babies.

The ultimate aim of this project is to promote safe and successful pregnancies by improving knowledge about pregnancy and facilitating health-seeking behaviour when problems arise. Particularly vulnerable patient groups who could most benefit, include those from non-English speaking backgrounds.


Principal Investigator

Prof David Story

Associate Investigators

Dr Oliver Daly
Prof John Hajek
A/Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron
Dr Jo-Anne Hughson
Dr Wally Smith
Dr Greg Wadley
Ms Anna Parker


Western Health


Macedon Ranges North Western Melbourne Medicare Local Grant, 2015:  Story D, Daly O, Liberatore R, Abbey C, Blake K, Hajek J, Smith W, Ploderer B, Parker A,  Kerr C. We HELP: Western e-HEaLth patient information portal for Pregnancy.

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