Cancer in all its forms, encompasses research, prevention, detection, treatment, care and health system transformation to address this most significant burden of disease.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
A mouse model of duodenal atresia Associate Professor Warrick Teague Paediatrics
ACRF Translational Research Laboratory Professor David S Ritchie
Medicine and Radiology
Advanced Limb Reconstruction Prof. Peter Choong
Analysis of circulating microRNAs in patient serum as a non-invasive biomarker platform Dr Rachel Koldej Medicine and Radiology
Boussioutas Laboratory: Gastrointestinal Cancer Associate Professor Alex Boussioutas
Medicine and Radiology
Cancer Biology Research Group Graham Baldwin
Cancer Signalling Research Laboratory Hong-Jian Zhu
Cardiovascular and Tumourivascular Laboratory Dr Peter J Wookey
Medicine and Radiology
Circulating Biomarkers in Liver Malignancy Christopher Christophi Surgery
Harnessing novel immunotherapies to restore immunity in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Professor David Ritchie Medicine and Radiology
Host responses to therapy and the tumour microenvironment contribute to the development of tumour resistance Christopher Christophi Surgery
Identification of biomarkers to novel therapies in Myelodysplasia Professor David S Ritchie Medicine and Radiology
Linkage of hospital and primary care data to drive improvements in cancer care Jon Emery General Practice
Liver Group Christopher Christophi
Manometric studies on oesophageal atresia and colorectal disorders Dr Sebastian King Paediatrics
Metastasis Research Group Professor Albert G Frauman
Medicine and Radiology
Molecular Mechanisms of Tumour Resistance Laboratory Rodney Luwor Surgery
Novel investigations and treatments for intractable, chronic constipation Dr Bridget Southwell Paediatrics
Novel treatments for colorectal disorders Dr Sebastian King Paediatrics
Optimising the management of patients awaiting liver transplantation Michael Fink Surgery
Postnatal germ cells are controlled by FSH during ‘minipuberty’ at 3-6 months of age, and deranged by cryptorchidism to cause seminoma and infertility Dr Ruili Li Paediatrics
Prostate cancer progression inhibition Professor Albert G Frauman Medicine and Radiology
Prostate Cancer Research Group Christopher Hovens
Reducing disparities in mortality and survival for rural Victorians with colorectal cancer Rebecca Bergin General Practice
Regulation of invadopodium function and involvement in cancer cell invasion Stanley Stylli Surgery
Regulators of allogeneic stem cell engraftment, graft versus host disease and graft-versus leukaemia Professor David Ritchie Medicine and Radiology
Reproductive Steroids Research Group A/Prof Mathis Grossmann, MD, PhD, FRACP
Medicine and Radiology
Role of calcitonin receptor in stressed cells and diseased tissues: a new paradigm based on expression in the pre-apoptotic cell stress response Dr Peter J Wookey Medicine and Radiology
The role of the essential biometal zinc in pathological and physiological processes Dr Oneel Patel
Dr Joseph Ischia
Role of p-21-activated kinases in pancreactic cancer Mehrdad Nikfarjam Surgery
The role of the Renin Angiotensin System in tumour progression and recurrence following tumour resection Christopher Christophi Surgery
Spinal Biology Laboratory Gerald Quan
Supporting Earlier Cancer Diagnosis and Efficient Referral Pathways in General Practice Jon Emery General Practice
Surgical Research Group Professor John M Hutson AO
Targeting the angiogenic and osteoclastic pathways in spinal cancer Gerald Quan Surgery
Targeting the Lymphatics in colorectal Liver metastasis Christopher Christophi Surgery
The assessment of oral cancer risk using a chair-side tool for salivary aldehyde production Professor Michael McCullough Surgery
The role of invadopodia in glioma invasion and response to therapeutics Stanley Stylli Surgery
The role of miRNA in oral mucosal disorders Professor Michael McCullough Surgery
Ultrasound Professor Robert N Gibson
Medicine and Radiology
Undescended testis and inguinal hernia result from defects in the same mechanism Professor John M Hutson AO Paediatrics
Use of Connexin43 peptides as a treatment for glioma Stanley Stylli Surgery
Western Health Cancer Research Professor Michael Green
Medicine and Radiology