Child Health

Child Health which encompasses the whole-of-life continuum from the early life environment through adolescence and reproductive potential in order to optimise whole life health.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
PEARL: Promoting EArly intervention with men’s use of violence in ReLationships through primary care Professor Kelsey Hegarty General Practice
A mouse model of duodenal atresia Associate Professor Warrick Teague Paediatrics
A program of research into dyskinesia in children with cerberal palsy Dr Adrienne Harvey Paediatrics
Antibody to PfEMP1: role in immunity to malaria in children and pregnant women Professor Stephen Rogerson Medicine and Radiology
Australian Temperament Project Generation 3 Study Professor Craig Olsson
Australians’ expectations of personal genomics: the GeNIOz project Paediatrics
Autism Research Team Professor Katrina Williams
Cerebral Palsy Research Professor Dinah Reddihough
Children and Young People’s Health Associate Professor Lena Sanci
General Practice
Dating Violence, help-seeking and Technology in Australia Assoc Prof Lena Sanci General Practice
Discovering differences and similarities between phenotype and biology of twins with autism and children with known genetic problems with a high risk of autism Dr Felicity Klopper Paediatrics
Does weekly iron supplementation increase iron uptake in pregnant Vietnamese women, and improve maternal and infant health? Professor Beverley-Ann Biggs Medicine and Radiology
E-tool for online interactive assessment of young people’s wellbeing Assoc Prof Lena Sanci General Practice
Epilepsy in twins: the importance of genetic factors Professor Sam Berkovic Medicine and Radiology
Epileptic Encephalopathies: Finding the cause Professor Ingrid Scheffer Medicine and Radiology
Exploring the use of stem cells in cerebral palsy Dr Kylie Crompton Paediatrics
Family Violence Index Victoria Professor Kelsey Hegarty General Practice
Fostering Health: Examining health care systems for children and young people in Out-of-Home Care Dr Susan Webster General Practice
Gender differences in autism Dr Tamara May Paediatrics
Genetics Education and Health Research Professor Sylvia Metcalfe
Improving understanding of MRI patterns, structure-function relationships and causal pathways in cerebral palsy Dr Sue Reid Paediatrics
Incidence, prevalence and risk factors for auitsm. What can we learn from databases and existing administrative data? Dr Tamara May Paediatrics
Indigenous Ear Health Professor Stephen O'Leary
Innate immune responses to Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes Professor Stephen Rogerson Medicine and Radiology
Investigating and interpreting the use, costs, accessibility and organisation of healthcare services among children with cerebral palsy Ms Elaine Meehan Paediatrics
Investigating current and future education and training needs of the Australian workforce in genomic medicine Paediatrics
Is there a role for adipose (fat) tissue in malaria? Dr Elizabeth Aitken Medicine and Radiology
Manometric studies on oesophageal atresia and colorectal disorders Dr Sebastian King Paediatrics
Novel investigations and treatments for intractable, chronic constipation Dr Bridget Southwell Paediatrics
Novel treatments for colorectal disorders Dr Sebastian King Paediatrics
Ocular Genetics Prof Paul N Baird
Ophthalmic Epidemiology Group Mingguang He
PARTY (Prevention Access Risk Taking in Young People) Assoc Prof Lena Sanci General Practice
Postnatal germ cells are controlled by FSH during ‘minipuberty’ at 3-6 months of age, and deranged by cryptorchidism to cause seminoma and infertility Dr Ruili Li Paediatrics
Prenatal testing: a longitudinal study - the PeTALS project Dr Jan Hodgson Paediatrics
Primary Care Specific Information and Support Line: improving the response to women and children Professor Kelsey Hegarty General Practice
Rogerson Laboratory: Pathogenesis of malaria and immunity in children and pregnant women Professor Stephen Rogerson
Medicine and Radiology
Savige Laboratory Professor Judy Savige
Medicine and Radiology
Sexual and Reproductive Health in Adolescence Professor Meredith Temple-Smith General Practice
Surgery for Treating Otitis Media in Australian Indigenous Children Professor Stephen O'Leary
Surgical Research Group Professor John M Hutson AO
The Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy (CRE-CP) Professor Dinah Reddihough Paediatrics
The Link Project Assoc Prof Lena Sanci General Practice
The MUM SIZE Study Professor David Story
Medicine and Radiology
The Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register (VCPR) Dr Sue Reid Paediatrics
Understanding the outcomes, including their language, participation and quality of life, of children with autism Prof Katrina Williams Paediatrics
Undescended testis and inguinal hernia result from defects in the same mechanism Professor John M Hutson AO Paediatrics
Undestanding trajectories and biological underpinnings of children with autism who lose skills Ms Amanda Brignell Paediatrics
Using systematic reviews to understand prognosis, diagnosis and effective interventions for children with neurodevelopmental difference and disability Dr Kristine Egberts Paediatrics