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3 IN 10 people in the diamond study tried reading a book for feelings of depression, stress or worries

Creative bibliotherapy for depression and related disorders

(needs work- study to be conducted by scholarly selective student Laura Cashman-Pickles. ) To develop an evidence base for creative bibliotherapy as a practice for improving mental health and well-being in depression and related disorders and to examine the application of creative bibliotherapy as an intervention in primary care.


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Sensible Timely Options for reducing inappropriate antidepressant use in general practice

2 in 5 Diamond study participants told us that they had a history of antidepressant use over 10 years

Our team needs to decide if we ask people to express interest in participating in this study (pilot work that we are currently doing??)

(This is too scientific for a lay audience. MP to simplify) In 2012-13, 20.5 million prescriptions were dispensed for antidepressant medications, the vast majority (86%) of which were prescribed by GPs representing a significant increase from the 12.3 million dispensed in 2008-09. There is growing evidence of inappropriate use of antidepressants at both ends of the depression severity spectrum. Antidepressants are being used to treat mild and sub-syndromal depression despite no evidence of effectiveness and long-term use is increasing.  Some studies show that over half long-term users fail to meet criteria for a formal psychiatric diagnosis which would support long-term use. Most research to date focuses on evidence to support (or not) the initiation of antidepressants, little evidence exists to support their timely cessation.

This project will identify the barriers to reducing inappropriate use of antidepressants to enable the development of a user-friendly software tool to assist GPs in the task of antidepressant cessation. We will work with GPs and people with a history of antidepressant use to design the software tool with the aim of assisting GPs and patients to make timely decisions about when and how to cease antidepressant use.

treatment prefrence

This study aims to explore people’s preferences for treatment when experiencing subthreshold depression

Need content for this section once Anna Taylor is ready to recruit. Can ask people to express interest in participating and keep their details on record for when Anna arrives in April 2017??


For more information or to enrol in the study please contact {insert name | email | phone number}