Department of Medicine - Austin Doyle Research in Progress Seminar

Every week on Thursday, until 9th Nov 2017
12pm - 1pm

Department of Medicine at Heidelberg Campus runs a weekly Austin Doyle Research in Progress seminar series every Thursday from 12 to 1 pm in the Seminar room 1-2, Level 2, Melbourne Brain Centre, Austin Hospital.

A light refreshment is served from 1pm onwards.



Title of talk

3 August

Indu Rajapaksha

PhD candidate supervised by Dr Chandana Herath & Prof Peter Angus

Therapeutic potential of targeting the renin angiotensin system (RAS) in chronic liver disease

10 August

Dr Jason Trubiano

PhD student supervised by Prof Lindsay Grayson et al

Antibiotic allergy testing and its impact on antimicrobial stewardship

17 August

Dr John Whitlam

PhD candidate supervised by Prof David Power et al

Exploiting copy number variation to measure donor/recipient chimerism as a graft health biomarker in transplantation

24 August

Kira Edwards

PhD candidate supervised by Prof Joe Proietto

Investigation of the impact of degree of weight loss, and severity of overweight on physiological adaptations to weight loss

7 Sep

Professor William Sievert

Director of the Gastrointestinal and Liver Unit, Monash Health


14 Sep

Professor Joe Torresi

NHMRC Practitioner Fellow Department of the Microbiology and Immunology, The Doherty Institute


21 Sep


12 Oct

Aaron Warren

PhD candidate supervised by Dr John Archer & Dr David Abbott & Prof Graeme Jackson

The epileptic network of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

19 Oct

Professor Kumar Visvanathan

Director of the Immunology Research Centre, St. Vincent's Hospital

26 Oct

Dr Murad Ibrahim

DMedSc candidate supervised by A/Prof Mark Howard and Prof Christine McDonald

Spontaneous versus spontaneous timed mode of assisted ventilation in patients with chest wall disease and stable neuromuscular disease

Nov 2

Honours students – project final presentations

Nov 9

Dr Danielle Wilson

DMedSc candidate supervised by Dr Mark Howard, Prof Sue Walker, Dr Fergal O’Donoghue

Sleep-disordered breathing in gestational hypertension and preeclampsia: Impact on maternal and fetal outcomes

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