The Department of Psychiatry Annual Research Symposium

The Department of Psychiatry Annual Research Symposium  was held on Thursday, 18 August 2016.  The day was well attended by staff and students from the Department and the program theme of ‘Adversity and Mental Health’ covered the broad areas of research and training being undertaken across the Department. Professor Louise Newman gave the keynote lecture on 'Domestic Violence and Mental Health – approaches to early intervention.' Many students presented scientific posters showcasing the diverse areas of research in the Department. An expert panel, consisting of Professor Louise Newman, Associate Professor Meaghan O’Donnell, Associate Professor Sarah Whittle and Dr Manjula O’Connor, generated an interesting discussion on how to enhance mental health via increasing resilience to adversity.

Congratulations went to Mr Chenxing Liu for winning the Best Poster Award and to Associate Professor Sarah Whittle for the Best Presentation Award for her presentation on 'the influence of parenting behaviours on adolescent brain development: Implications for Depression'. Students Eleni Ganella and Alby Elias received honorable mentions for their posters.

Access the program for the Symposium here.