General Information

  • Accommodation

    The Department of Rural Health manages student residential accommodation at Ballarat, Benalla, Mansfield, Shepparton and Wangaratta. This accommodation is self-contained. Residents are allocated a bedroom, while the kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities are shared. (Rural health students also have access to accommodation managed by health service partners.)

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  • Local Hospitals


    • Goulburn Valley Health (03 5833 2332) in Graham Street has a 24 hour Accident and Emergency Centre.
    • The University of Melbourne Shepparton Medical Centre (03 5823 3100) is a bulk billing centre that is on the Shepparton Campus.
    • Shepparton Lister House Medical Centre (03 5831 2333) and Princess Park Medical Centre (03 5821 9655) are two local Shepparton medical centres which will see Rural Clinical School students. (Students should identify themselves as a Rural Clinical School student as clinics may advise they are not taking new patients)
    • There is a fee paying after hours GP service offered at Goulburn Valley Community Health Centre, 399 Wyndham Street, Shepparton. The number for this service is (03) 5831 8022.


    • Ballarat Health Services (5320 4000) in Drummond Street, has a 24 hours Accident and Emergency Centre.
    • There is a fee paying Accident and Emergency centre, at St. John of God, Private Hospital, Drummond Street, Ballarat. Ballarat also has bulk billing medical services readily available. Please contact your local student administration or the Student Support Officer.


    • Northeast Health Wangaratta is located in Green Street and has a 24 hour Accident and Emergency Centre. Wangaratta Medical Centre, 34 Green Street, Wangaratta, Ph: (03) 5722 1500 (bulk billing available if you mention you are an RCS student) and Ely Street Clinic, 19 Ely Street, Wangaratta, Ph: (03) 5721 2141 are two local Wangaratta medical centres which will see Rural Clinical School students. (Students should identify themselves as a Rural Clinical School student as they may advise they are not taking new patients)
  • Support

    Students completing rural placements face a range of unique stressors and challenges. Fortunately there are a variety of support services available for current University of Melbourne students to access and stay well. Services are accessible across rural campus locations, as well as at the Parkville campus. Services include;

    Stop 1:

    Stop 1 is a directory where students can find information and student services whether online, on the phone or in person. Stop 1 can help you with admissions, enrolment, course planning, administration, support services and skills and development. Further information can be found at: or call P: 13 MELB (13 6352).

    Financial Aid:

    Student Support Financial Aid provides student loans, advice and advocacy around Government student payments, grants based on financial need (including housing/rent assistance grants) and welfare support. You may book an appointment to speak with a specialist staff member. For further information see


    Student Housing provides support in arranging temporary accommodation, tenancy advice or emergency accommodation. For further information see

    Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS):

    Student Equity and Disability Support is available for students who may require reasonable and equitable adjustments to their studies due to disability and/or health conditions. Adjustments may include Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) or Academic Adjustment Plans (AAP). Students must register with SEDS in order to be considered for any academic or exam related adjustments. This can be done through Stop 1 and involves a face to face or phone meeting with an Adviser.  For further information see

    Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS):

    The Counselling and Psychological Services are based in Parkville, though offer phone sessions for students based rurally. Appointments for individual counselling sessions can be made online or via phone. Students may also wish to access the range of online resources available, including information regarding different mental health issues, audio tracks and interactive online programs. For more information about these services, see or contact CAPS on: 61 (3) 8344 6927.

    Health & Wellbeing Practitioner (rural):

    The Health and Wellbeing Practitioner is available to offer support services for all rural based medical students within the Melbourne Medical School. This is a confidential service and independent to clinical educators or academic assessors. Students may wish to speak with the Health and Wellbeing Practitioner for a range of purposes, from mental health concerns, to peer related difficulties or bullying and harassment issues. Students may arrange an appointment with the rural based Health and Wellbeing Practitioner via a secure online booking portal: or through direct contact with Dr Hannah Sloan: Email:, Phone: 0428 933 952.

    For further information about relevant support services, see your student handbook or

  • Student Club

    Rural Clinical School students operate a rural club appropriately called “Moovin' Health” in line with the ever-present cow theme in Shepparton as well as reflecting the move most have had to make to come to Shepparton. The aims of this club are to:

    • Foster a relationship between students of ALL health professions and the local community.
    • Engage in educational, health promotion and possibly fund-raising activities that may be important to RCS students and the greater Shepparton community.
    • Encourage the growth and development of the RCS.
    • Encourage pre-clinical students of health professions at the University of Melbourne to choose the RCS as their clinical school.

    If you are a pre-clinical student PLEASE send us your email address. We would love to hear from you
    If you are thinking of attending the RCS and why! or, Why you think the RCS is not an option for you. Or, if you are just interested in rural health!

    If you are interested in our club please send your email address to: and we'll put your name on the monthly emailed newsletter to keep you up to date on things going on in Shepp!

  • Nursing and Allied Health Placements

    Going Rural program have been developed to support undergraduate and post graduate health professional students completing placements in a rural setting throughout Central Victoria, North East Victoria, Ballarat, Grampians and South East NSW regions.

    Going Rural
  • Travel Reimbursement Forms

    Please ensure you fill out the Student Payment Request form and attach to the relevant travel claim form below before returning to your Site Administrator.

  • Learn online NPS MEDICINEWISE

    NPS MedicineWise Learning provides health professionals and students with a range of learning activities and resources. All our courses are available free of charge.

    NPS MedicineWise Learning