Medical Student

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) provides a fresh approach to medical training. As the first Australian professional entry masters level program, the Melbourne MD creates a new benchmark in 21st century medical education.

The Doctor of Medicine is a four-year full-time course available to both Australian and international students. The course comprises a total of 400 credit points. Each year students lead an interdisciplinary conference, between Semester 1 and Semester 2, worth 6.25 credit points per year. The course commences at the start of each calendar year. There is no mid-year intake. For further course information go to Course Information.

Designed for students who have completed their undergraduate studies and are committed to professional training, this unique MD recognises both the personal and professional development of each individual. For selection criteria go to Selection Criteria.

The degree builds on prerequisite knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry acquired through undergraduate study. It delivers advanced clinical and academic training to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of a high quality medical internship. There are three clinical school zones involved with the MD course and individual hospitals within each zone.

As one of the world's premier medical and research institutions, the Melbourne Medical School has strong partnerships with outstanding hospitals in the public and private sectors as well as some of Australia's leading medical research institutes. Exciting new developments in the fields of cancer, neuroscience and infectious diseases will enrich the experience of our students.