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Research Higher Degrees

The Melbourne Medical School offers a range of research degrees at Master and Doctorate level. Research degrees allow students to study a specific subject area in great depth and require sustained independent enquiry, carried out under the supervision of research staff of the school. Assessment is based on a written thesis and varies in length according to the degree program.

The Melbourne Medical School is one of five schools in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. The Faculty is the second largest research institution in the country after the CSIRO so you are choosing from a vast array of potential research projects and very different research settings when considering a research higher degree at The University of Melbourne.

Courses Available

For all enquiries refer to the specific courses listed above.

An alternative research pathway is the Master of Biomedical Science.

Application Process

Before you apply

It is important that you refer to the pre-application information before you proceed. The following five steps will assist you with the preparation and submission of your application:

1. Make sure that you meet the entry requirements for the research degree program listed in the "Courses Available" above. You will be required to supply an original or certified copy of your academic transcript/s with your application.

2. Contact a supervisor in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences to discuss your research proposal and the opportunity that they may supervise your research. (You may want to explore the research projects that are available prior to contacting a potential supervisor.)

3. Prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) in the required format.

4. Provide evidence of meeting the English language requirements (International applicants only).

5. Complete and submit an application form.

*An application for a research degree program with the Melbourne Medical School will not be considered unless you have contacted a supervisor/s and they have advised you that they are willing to supervise your research. Evidence of this may be required.

You will need to ensure that you submit a complete application form with all supporting documentation as set out in the application form and in the Before you apply steps above.

How to accept your offer

To accept your offer, you must record your acceptance online. Follow the instructions prior to the lapse date indicated on your letter of offer.

To enrol in the research subject for your research degree program, you will need to contact the MDHS Student Centre.

International applicants

International applications are managed by the University’s International Admissions Office. You will receive instructions with your offer letter on how to accept your offer.


For detailed information on course fees consult the University's Future Students website.

Scholarships, prizes and awards

The University and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences offer various scholarships, awards and prizes for research degree candidates.  You will need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for any scholarship prior to making an application. Please note:  With the new paper based research application for July to December 2011, all applicants will be scored by the relevant Department for scholarship ranking.

The University and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences offer various scholarships, awards and prizes for research degree candidates.

Enrolment changes

If you would like to make a change to your enrolment (e.g. apply for a leave of absence, change from full-time to part-time or apply to study away), discuss your proposed change with your primary supervisor. Make sure that your supervisor agrees to the changes you want to make and that this fits in with your research project and thesis timelines as well as your personal circumstances. 

When your supervisor has agreed to the change, go to your student portal to request the change to your enrolment.

International student visa holders must ensure that they have full time enrolment.  If a change to your enrolment will impact on this status, you must contact the MDHS Student Centre.