2016 Student Ambassadors


Benjamin Sutu


Tal Koren


Leader: Holly Blunt-Foley

The MMSSA Philanthropy Team has recently been focusing a lot of their energy into improving awareness of the Medical Student Relief Bursary. This fund was first created in 2012 during the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Melbourne Medical School, but was formally launched as a scholarship accessible through the university’s Financial Aid service in 2015. As this is a fund created for students, by students, it has a special part to play in increasing the philanthropic culture within the student body and therefore the school’s future alumni. We are pleased to report that the fund continues to grow with every MMSSA event and publication released. In the latter half of the year we plan to continue our efforts with smaller fundraising events at clinical school sites, as well as increasing the profile of the MSRB at the ReTranslate event and MD4 graduation ceremony.


Leaders: Alex Miles and Oshi Swarup

The Communications Team focuses on working out the best ways to connect with Alumni. In 2016 we were able to host an exhibition in the Brownless Biomedical Library titled Medicine: Then and Now, which contrasted medicinal education today with medicine in the 1960s. The exhibition was viewed by thousands of current students at the University of Melbourne and gave a great opportunity for alumni to reflect at the Launch Event. The communications team is also involved in updating the Student Ambassador Website and writing articles for the Melbourne Medical School Journal, Chiron. Other Student Ambassador teams may also draw on the resources of the Communications team when trying to promote their vision.

Young Alumni

Leader: Will Hoang

Our group’s main aim is to encourage Young Alumni to remain engaged with the Melbourne Medical School and all it has to offer beyond graduation. Engagement is a two-way stream and whilst alumni have access to a wide variety of services and events, they also having the opportunity to give back to the Medical School - we invite our alumni to attend keynote lecture series such as ReTranslate so that they can learn and network with their colleagues. We also invite a variety of alumni to the Annual MD Student Conference to share their journey and wisdom with our students.

Furthermore, we have a continuous feedback campaign being set up to learn what our Young Alumni would like out of a relationship with the medical school - this mean that we can better tailor our events and opportunities towards the needs of our younger generation of graduates.

Looking forward, we’re excited to provide more educational and up-skilling opportunities, social events and even the chance for Young Alumni to mentor our current students!

Special Projects

Leader: Yeung-ae Park

The Melbourne Medical School Student Ambassador Program has been evolving its Special Projects for the last couple of years and we were very proud to launch "the ReTranslate series: symposia in translational science" last year. We're planning to have this event annually exploring different topics in medicine. Last year was neuroscience, and this year we're excited to announce the theme as "cancer: its personalised treatment". Cancer is an evolving area and is currently receiving a lot of attention especially with the opening of Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the Parkville Precinct. We see this event as an opportunity to both hold an academic session that interests a range of audience from current medical students to retired Melbourne Medical School alumni, as well as providing an amicable atmosphere to chat with others and network over finger foods and drinks. We have a number of high profile clinical researchers in the field speaking on the night, so watch this space and come around to join us!