Learn how to create an interactive, informative and effective online course

Before there was online learning, there was ‘distance learning’, and prior to that, there was ‘correspondence courses’. The rapid development of technology has provided us with new platforms to access a wide range of courses, and obtain qualifications, even if we don’t have a set time to study.

Medical Online Learning Course Made Possible by Mobile Learning Unit, University of Melbourne - Learn how to create an interactive, informative and effective online medical course

Online education is rapidly growing and currently highly demanded by busy professionals who seek flexible studying arrangements. Online learning revolutionises education as it opens new opportunities. Anyone can access education, no matter where they are or what kind of schedule they work in. Online learning can be more affordable price compared to face-to-face learning. In many ways, online learning eliminates barriers and makes education more accessible .

Due to the demand, Academics have started creating online courses to share their knowledge and present it in an interactive yet informative way to learners. To support the academic, The University of Melbourne – Mobile Learning Unit has launched an online short course, designed for academics who want to learn how to create an online learning course. The course is titled ‘How to do Online Learning’, and it is available for enrollment now.

Many believe that creating an online course is difficult, and the result would not deliver as well as face-to-face learning. However, the course thoroughly explains the history of online learning development, demonstrates the understanding of the business of online learning, and guides learners through the process of eLearning development, including content production, delivery and support.

The ‘How to do Online Learning’ short course is directed by Professor Colin Royse MBBS, MD, FANZCA who is the Academic Director of Custom and Professional Education (Health), MDHS.

So how does one complete this course?

“You’ll go through a number of tutorials, and then work through a number of case studies to reinforce that learning”, said Professor Royse.

This course takes approximately 10 hours of online learning, and learners have the flexibility to study at their own pace. The learning materials can be viewed through any iOS, Android or Windows device. A certificate of completion will be issued upon satisfactory completion of the course.

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