Honorary Appointments

Honorary Appointments to the Melbourne Medical School

Our honorary staff play a critical role in the life of the Melbourne Medical School (MMS) and substantially assist us in working with the communities we serve to improve health and advance health care through our teaching, learning, research, clinical care and advocacy.

The MMS intends that our relationship with our honorary staff is one of mutual benefit in which the MMS benefits from the knowledge, skills and influence of the honorary staff member while the honorary staff member benefits from the opportunities, resources and reputation of the MMS and University of Melbourne.

Honorary appointments are made in recognition of significant, sustained contributions to the MMS in the areas of learning and teaching; research and research training; engagement; and professional practice and leadership. The MMS expects our honorary staff to enact our values of commitment, integrity, compassion, respect and service; to perform at the highest standard; and to acknowledge their affiliation with the University of Melbourne in relevant publications and presentations.

The honorary appointment and review processes are designed to create and maintain strong and meaningful relationships with our honorary staff that support our mutual purpose of improving health and wellbeing for individuals and communities.

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