The Ultrasound Education Group (UEG) was founded in 2004 at the University of Melbourne's Department of Surgery by Professors Alistair and Colin Royse. With advancement in recent technology, Portable Ultrasound Machine will be ubiquitous and affordable for professionals across different areas of healthcare industry in the near future.

Our mission is to equip holistic knowledge for medical practitioners to perform Point-of-Care Ultrasound Diagnosis. By combining eLearning with hands-on simulator workshops and and live-model practices, delivered by world-renowned experts in the field, we open the Pathway to Ultrasound Future for all healthcare professionals around the world.

The first course created was the Postgraduate Diploma of Perioperative and Critical Care Echocardiography. Over time this has expanded to the current portfolio which includes Graduate CertificateDiploma and Master of Clinical Ultrasound. The iHeartScan and iHeartScan Advanced workshops were also developed, and more recently the Focused Ultrasound Simulator Education TTETOEPeri-ArrestVascular and Lung and Gastric courses which integrate eLearning with simulators to reinforce practical components.

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Our Mobile Learning Platform can be accessed, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device!


In Australia, there are roughly 6500 anaesthetists and intensive care physicians.  Over 2500 students have graduated from our award courses, and over 3000 have completed one of our workshops or getting started packages. To put this in perspective, we believe we have trained approximately 40% of the entire pool of anaesthetists and intensive care physicians in Australia.


The course has been so useful in fact the other day I was reading a tutorial then when at work the same scenario occurred and I was able to directly save a life because of that knowledge. Very grateful, thank you.


  • From a MBBS, MRCP (UK), FANZCA, Anaesthetics

    With regards to the iHEART scan; 'An accessible, informative and hugely relevant workshop. Highly recommended

  • From an Anaesthetics Registrar

    I have found the Diploma course to be excellent preparation for a career in this field and well recognised by all my peers. The content and presentation of the course material is excellent and provides an in-depth knowledge of echocardiography and its clinical application. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in echocardiography from a critical care background.

  • From a Cardiologist

    The courses are very well organized, professional and applicable in clinical ultrasound and echocardiography. Staff from Ultrasound Education Group of The University of Melbourne are very helpful

  • From an Anaesthesia Fellow

    The course did a fabulous job of equipping me with the knowledge base I need in order to be competent and effective in echocardiography. I heartily recommend this for anyone who needs flexibility of correspondence combined with the authority of a qualification from a respected institution

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