About this course

In this course, participants will advance their point of care transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) skills to include quantification of valvular and ventricular function and estimation of pulmonary hypertension. Participants will also receive reinforcement of TTE image acquisition and assessment of acute abnormal haemodynamic states enabling more confident and accurate haemodynamic resuscitation and decision-making.

The knowledge-base learning comprises of a comprehensive package of interactive eLearning and includes practice interpretation and reporting of 20 online real pathology case studies. Participants are able to refer back to their online course materials, and will have ongoing access to all future updates of the eLearning materials.

The practical learning consists of a small group with an instructor to learn how to operate the ultrasound simulator and to learn how to perform the image acquisition skills. After the 3-hr workshop, participants are required to return in their own time to complete 10 simulator cases When completing simulator cases, participants are required to use their electronic device (laptop/iPad/mobile) to complete the required assessments. Participants are given four weeks after the workshop to complete these post-workshop activities. Additionally, to be eligible for the course completion certificate, participants are required to pass an online MCQ exam. Although not a requirement of the course, practice on patients are encouraged; electronic logbook submissions are available via the Assessment Portal which also includes a supervisor verification option.

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