In collaboration with key agencies and organisations, CERSH has developed sexual health resources for workers across different sectors. These resources aim to provide workers with information, tools and guides to improve sexual and reproductive health in their individual and local context. You will also find links at the bottom of the page to select Sexual Wellness Professional Development Series recordings that we are able to share.

Sexual Wellness Professional Development Series Recordings

If you were unable to attend one of our PD webinars, you may still be able to find the recording below. Unfortunately, due to some funding and content restrictions, not all of our sessions are able to recorded. If there is a session you have questions about, but do not see below, please contact us at and we will try to assist you or redirect your query to the relevant speaker.

  • March: Sexual Wellness PD with Jodi Rodgers

    Unfortunately this video is no longer accessible.

  • June (recorded in July): Sexual Wellness PD with Dr. Siobhan Bourke

    Topic: Sensitive Physical Examination

    Webinar Recording

  • July: Sexual Wellness PD with Shannon Hill

    Topic: Building Support for Women's Sexual Wellbeing in Rural & Regional Victoria

    Webinar Recording

  • August: Sexual Wellness PD with Dr Gemma McKibbin and Molly Madigan

    Topic: Power to Kids:  A Child Sexual Abuse prevention and response program in Out-of-Home Care

    Webinar Recording

  • September: Sexual Wellness PD with Isabella Burstin

    Topic: Empowering individuals with physical, cognitive, and sexual health conditions to engage their sexuality through providing accessible products and sex-positive blogs

    Webinar Recording