Sexual Health Networking Across Australia

CERSH hosted the second successful virtual Sexual Health Network Meeting in 2020 on 11 November. Practitioners from each state were invited to contribute to the theme:  “Sexual Health Promotion & Practice Beyond Our Borders”.

A big thanks to: Nikki Brandon from SHINE SA; Dr Carl Heslop Albany Headspace in WA; Kat Byron, Natasha Tatipata & Tassy Alum from the Sexual Health and BBV unit in Northern Territory; Steph Chen & Liz Price Children from Children By Choice in Queensland; Bobby Whybrow & Kate Whitford from Kirby Institute in NSW; and Sarah Day from Macedon Ranges Shire & Rhani Dean-Talbett from WayOut at Cobaw Community Health in Victoria.

The presentations highlighted a wide range of quality programs and initiatives happening throughout Australia. With 53 attendees present, and many more expressing interest in viewing the meeting recordings on-line, the virtual meeting format has helped facilitate connection across our expansive country. The videos from the network meeting will soon be available on the CERSH website.

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