Australia's first fully-online cancer-specific degree launches

With the growing incidence of cancer worldwide, specialist leaders in oncology, cancer care, research, prevention, detection and cancer education are in increasing demand.

Prof Grant McArthur (BMedSc 1984, PhD 1995), Executive Director VCCC and Course Co-Convenor, Prof Colin Royse (MBBS 1987, MD 2000), MDHS Academic Director, Custom and Professional Education, University of Melbourne, Michelle Barrett (BSc 1995), Head, Education and Training Development VCCC, The Hon. Anthony Carbines MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Dr David Kok, Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Course Co-Convenor.

The newly launched Master of Cancer Sciences program is run jointly by the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), thus bringing together internationally recognised oncology expertise and cutting-edge online learning techniques.

“Within the Alliance, we have unparalleled access to world-leaders in the cancer field. This expertise has been channelled into a new, dynamic online curriculum. Our course gives students the opportunity to learn the craft from these experts - almost in real-time - as cutting-edge research and new clinical approaches develop,” says  Dr David Kok (BMedSc 2004, MBBS 2006), course convenor and radiation oncologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The Master of Cancer Sciences can be completed over two years, part-time. Students complete two core subjects, four electives, as well as a research project in an emerging field of cancer research. “We aim to imbue students with the same passion for cancer care and research that our teaching staff have,” says Dr Kok.

“In addition, we are creating genuine multidisciplinary relationships between academics and students to foster a vibrant community of practice in oncology that will ultimately be able to make a significant contribution to patient care.”

The Master of Cancer Sciences is Australia’s first cancer-specific, multidisciplinary, and wholly online program.

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