Book reviews

Anatomists of Empire: Race, Evolution and the Discovery of Human Biology in the British World

Of skulls, an astonishing hoax, the beginnings of the study of humankind, scientistic racism – and the Australian scientists in the thick of it… The 20th-century anatomists Grafton Elliot Smith, Frederic Wood Jones and Arthur Keith travelled the globe collecting and constructing morphologies of the biological world with the aim of linking humans to their deep past as well as their evolutionary niche.

By Ross L. Jones

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Staying Alive

The science of living healthier, happier and longer.

By the time we turn 60 most of us will still have approximately one-third of our lives to live. How well we live these years will depend on our health: are we agile, disease free, dependent on medication or require medical assistance?

By Dr Kate Gregorevic

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The Long Shadow

Psychologist Isabel Harris has come to the outback town of Riley because her husband Dean is assessing the hospital—the hub of the community—with a view to closing it down. Isabel, mostly occupied with her toddler, will run a mother-baby therapy group. But on the first day she gets an anonymous note from one of the mothers: The baby killer is going to strike again. Soon.

By Professor Anne Buist

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My Hero is You

Children's story book released to help children and young people cope with COVID-19.

A new story book that aims to help children understand and come to terms with COVID-19 has been produced by a collaboration of more than 50 organisations working in the humanitarian sector including the World Health Organisation, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Save the Children.

By IASC – Inter-Agency Standing Committee

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