Staying Alive

The science of living healthier, happier and longer.

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By the time we turn 60 most of us will still have approximately one-third of our lives to live. How well we live these years will depend on our health: are we agile, disease free, dependent on medication or require medical assistance?

The current global health crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of age in a way we have not seen for generations.

In Staying Alive, specialist geriatrician Dr Kate Gregorevic aims to educate us to increase our own capacity to create health for a long and vital future.

In Staying Alive you’ll discover proven scientific details on how you can avoid or manage the major diseases that impact us as we age, including heart health, diabetes and dementia, and boost your everyday behaviours to improve your enjoyment of life.

The book explains what happens to our bodies as we age and the changes that occur at a DNA and cellular level. Dr Gregorevic provides advice on the everyday lifestyle choices we can make to not only improve physical and mental health in the present, but also decrease the risk of chronic disease, frailty and dementia.


Dr Kate Gregorevic (BSc 2001, MBBS 2006, PhD 2019) is a geriatrician and internal medicine physician. She works in both acute hospital medicine and community settings. She has also completed a PhD looking at the impact of positive psychosocial factors in the development of frailty in older adults. She has published multiple studies in this area.

Lifestyle medicine is a core feature of Dr Gregorevic’s clinical practice, and nutrition, exercise and sleep are integral to developing plans to optimise her patients’ health. Her approach goes beyond physical, by working with people to identify their own priorities and values, and always centring these in any management plans.

Dr Gregorevic’s is also the director of Project Three Six Twelve, an online wellbeing and exercise program, giving women over 40 the tools they need to improve strength and vitality.