Dr Daniel Lane (Class of 1999)

20 years ago I was a 4th year medical student at Austin (1997). The group of four medical students I was in for tutorials and ward attachments was allocated for a surgical rotation to Surg 1. Everyone knew you were on Surg 1 as only Prof Hardy and the 8A nurses strictly enforced the short white coats on the ward rule. Going to liver transplants and retrievals was a bonus of the term but without a passport, at the time the trip on the plane to New Zealand for a retrieval went to someone else in the group. Apparently, the weather was appalling on the flight in a tiny plane over the Tasman Sea and it was a good thing I couldn't go in the end as it was a seriously rough trip.

We were the first group of students to be rotated to The Northern Hospital. After going through 60 sets of traffic lights (I counted them one morning) to get there from home in Doncaster we were astounded to find the hospital had apparently been built in the country given the green fields and the Country Fire Authority station situated nearby in this far-flung location. The little shopping centre next door was the only reminder you were still in Melbourne (and bizarrely paid parking was strictly enforced at this hospital in the middle of nowhere). Hard to imagine it was ever like that now with how the northern suburbs have grown.

Daniel Lane

Class of 1999