Dr Howard Stevens (Class of 1970)

At one of the early lectures for the first students of the Austin Hospital Medical School, I recall a lecture by Dr Joan Schiavone who was an entertaining lecturer and teacher.  I don't remember the lecture but there was some discussion about smoking and Joan mentioned a patient who was asked if she smoked after having sex.  Apparently, the patient answered, rather bemused, that she had never looked!!

On another occasion, there was a surgical ward round in Heidelberg House with David Gillett.   The students were around the bed as David was demonstrating some point, but he was not aware that he was repeatedly backing into an Arum lily with a long stamen covered in bright yellow pollen which was prodding him between the legs and leaving a noticeable mark.  Eventually, Howard Stevens interrupted "Excuse me sir,  but I am afraid that you have just been pollinated"!

Another occasion some fine point of medical explanation was not being followed by Howard Stevens when someone quipped "Oh come on Argyl Robinson!"  This needed further explanation to the confused student....... "you're being a slow reacting pupil!"

With fond memories

Dr Howard Stevens
Class of 1970