Dr Peter Laussen (Class of 1980)

I was fortunate to be at the Austin from 1978 to 1980, when it was still viewed as a young school, and certainly less traditional than the well-established clinical schools at RMH and St.V’s. In truth, it was a wonderful environment for learning. Dr Bernie Sweet was the Dean and always available. The group size really facilitated engagement and the faculty were obviously keen to teach and shape the “next generation”. As I reflect now, I think the most important lessons were to think in an integrative fashion, to not accept things at face value, or simply what may be written, but to appraise the information available, look for gaps and possible questions and/or solutions. The clinical skills from accurate history taking through to meticulous examination were ingrained and have also stood me in great stead since.  The most endearing aspect of training at Austin without a doubt are the friendships that were solidified and have remained over many years.

Since graduating in 1980, I have worked at the Austin and RCH, then to Boston for 20 years and now Toronto for the past 5 years. There are many stories I could relate about my time as a student at the Austin, but suffice to say my path was paved by the training I received at the Austin, for which I am forever grateful.

Dr Peter Laussen
Class of 1980