Professor Rob Moodie (Class of 1976)

In my 4th year at the Austin (1974)

I dreamed I was being asked a question about Hepatitis B by Professor Ian Gust. I awoke in the front seat of the lecture theatre (not my usual choice of seating) to find out that in fact, I wasn’t dreaming, and that Professor Gust was in very close proximity waiting for an answer. I straightened up, rubbed my eyes, wiped away the dribble and then proceeded to mumble a hastily formed response, in the hope that saying something it might get me off the hook. Unbeknown to me, my “friend" Dave Lindsay was watching all of this from the back row (which is where I should have been). He boomed "I'm sorry Professor I couldn’t quite what that student said, could he please repeat it……."

I had the honour of being asked to join the Remedial Group in my final year in 1976. This resulted from me killing several patients, metaphorically as least, in my final year practice surgical oral exam. I joined such luminaries as Gordon Wallace, Wendy Vanselow and John Salkeld. The Remedial Group was part of the Austin Doyle School of Humiliatory Learning (ADSHL), the ethos of which was acutely demonstrated when in the packed lecture theatre, Professor Doyle said - “Tell me all you know about rheumatoid arthritis Mr Moodie………I know it isn’t going to take long.” Needless to say, it was the ADSHL that got me through final year.

Professor Rob Moodie
(Class of 1976)