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As part of your Melbourne Medical School reunion celebration, we join with you to reflect on the history of medical education and recognise world-class alumni contributions to health and research in Australia and overseas.

As a leader in educating future generations of healthcare professionals, we believe in giving all talented and passionate students the opportunity to achieve, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

With a long-established record of attracting the brightest and most talented students, giving to scholarships through the Melbourne Medical School will directly support some of the greatest future minds in the health.

Medicine today

In recent years, the increased cost of study along with the decline in government support has created financial hardship for tertiary students.

With the total cost of the Doctor of Medicine for a full-fee paying domestic student now upwards of $295,000, and the Government’s FEE-HELP scheme covering less than half of this, many students find themselves forced to defer their studies in order to work and save or find themselves unable to complete their course at all.

Making a difference

Your Reunion is a time to reconnect with friends, reflect on your shared memories and celebrate the time you spent at university.

It is also the chance to ensure that the next generation of medical students receive the same transformative experience as you did. A reunion gift to support today’s students is a powerful way to mark this important milestone and leave a legacy for those following in your footsteps.

Scholarships go well beyond financial support and can have a profound impact on a student’s life. The support that students receive from their medical community instills a great sense of belonging and drive to succeed in their studies and give back to society upon graduating.

Adrian Dedic is an example of one of these students. Inspired to study medicine after a family member received quality medical care during a devastating illness, Adrian juggles his studies at the same time as caring for his family.

“These scholarships possess something much greater than monetary value – they make you feel part of a community that helps each other out when in need. To the donors, I say the biggest thank you: your generosity will have an enduring impact that I one day hope to emulate.”

Fellow student, Zia lives with a hearing impairment, thought to have been present since birth. Zia has been greatly assisted throughout her studies by scholarship support.

“My hearing impairment can impact on my ability to hear subtle changes in sound whilst listening through my stethoscope in a noisy environment. Fortunately, there are devices, such as stethoscopes that can amplify sound, that can assist the hearing impaired medical profession. Thanks to the generosity of my scholarship donor, this is a big expense I can now afford. This financial support has also allowed me to focus my time and energy on studying medicine and being as involved as possible in all the opportunities that are available to me through the University. I am deeply grateful for this scholarship that has supported me to follow my passion for medicine.”

By making a reunion gift today you can support more students like Adrian and Zia, helping to turn ambition into achievement.

Matched Funding

To demonstrate our shared commitment to supporting the ambitions of all talented students, our Faculty will match any reunion gift, up to $10,000 per annum – effectively doubling the impact of your donation! (For example, a group that raised $5,000 would receive $5,000 from the Faculty towards their class gift. Any group that raises in excess of $10,000 would receive the full $10,000 matched towards their goal, but no more).

Further Information

We will work with each class group to discuss your reunion gifts and where your class can make the biggest impact.  For more information, or to discuss reunion giving further, please contact me.

Sarah Douglas

Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Manager


T: 03 8344 8803

M: 0406 061 234