Professor Ian Young former Vice-Chancellor presented to the June MMS Head of School Breakfast forum

Professor Ian Young, former Vice-Chancellor of both the Australian National University and Swinburne University of Technology, spoke at the MMS Head of School Breakfast forum on Monday 20 June.

Professor Young commenced his presentation by outlining the challenges faced by Australia in building a knowledge-based future and then put forward the case for the potential role of research as a foundation for future Australian industries. Ian outlined a pathway, with a particular focus on the role and operation of university research activities, for building the research basis that could underpin the economic, social and environmental future of our nation.

The clarity of thought and very illuminating data to a complex national policy challenge provided in Ian’s speech was greatly appreciated by those fortunate enough to hear him speak.

For those who were unable to attend, Ian’s paper is attached. Speech notes of Professor Ian Young - Australia A Knowledge Future (PDF 110.0 KB)