GEMSEM2021: tackling the challenges of trauma in older patients

Trauma in older patients is a growing challenge to our systems and the providers working within them. Why does it matter? What matters? How do we embed trauma care specific to our older patients in our systems, education and daily workplace behaviours? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at GEMSEM2021 on Friday 7 May from 8am-5pm.

Join this conversation about the challenges of improving geriatric trauma care with experienced nursing, prehospital, emergency, trauma, surgical, rehab, allied health, geriatric, critical care, anaesthetic, simulation and community speakers.

Share your knowledge and experiences, expand your network, broaden your perspective and participate in some tough conversations. Together we can share principles and goals for our patients and work towards improved efficiency, prognostication, health outcomes and equity in trauma care.

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