Fergus Cameron honorary staff member of the MMS Department of Paediatrics

Fergus Cameron Head of the Diabetes Services and Deputy Director of the Department of Endocrinology Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and a group leader of Diabetes Research at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute has been an honorary appointment with the MMS Department of Paediatrics since 2002.

One of the areas of largest research output in Diabetes Research has been how diabetes affects the brain - without a good brain your whole life is affected. Fergus is acknowledged as an international leader in the field of diabetes in childhood with his work on neurobehavioural and neurocognitive consequence of diabetes in childhood that focused attention on the brain as a target for diabetes-related complications. Fergus and his co-investigator Elisabeth Northam have published many papers on a cohort of 133 children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that they followed until their early 20s.

Fergus’s patients are at the heart of his approach.  His view is that it is a privilege to be able to participate in research in the context of providing clinical care. This context allows for the research to be grounded and informed by what happens in the clinic and allows patients and families to be participants rather than just recipients of the future of their own health care.

This is an extract from an article that originally appeared in the 'The Lancet' you can read more here