Staying safety aware during daylight savings

The days are getting longer and the weather warmer. This change in season, means many staff and students choose to use the University facilities late into the evening, particularly as exams approach.

Prolonged daylight offers an increased sense of security, so it’s timely to remind staff and students that safety issues can arise even in the, seemingly, safest of places. But with a few precautions and awareness of the support available, we can all enjoy our time on campus and stay safe.

Security Escort at your service

For example, if you know you will be moving in or around or in the vicinity of the campus alone and you’re feeling insecure about doing so, you can book a free Security Escort to accompany you.

Simply call University Security 834 46666 or 1800 246 066 (free call).  Why not put this number into your contacts now for when you need it?

UniSafe app now available FREE

As well as providing a Security Escort service, University Security has also developed an Australian-first free ‘UniSafe’ phone app. This provides emergency contact details and safety information for all members of the University community. Download UniSafe now and have all the numbers you’ll need in an emergency or if you need assistance on campus in one place.

Safer Community Program

The Safer Community Program which can be contacted on (03) 9035 8675 helps staff and students who have experienced inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour, including:

If you would rather email them, you can do so

Staff and students who experience an incident, should also ensure this is reported via the University Enterprise Risk Management System

In a life-threatening emergency on or around Campus, staff and students should call 000, then call University Security on 834 46666.

The University of Melbourne is committed to enabling a safe, inclusive and respectful community and so we encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the support available and enjoy the coming months of warm weather!