Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) Network Data Collaboration; addressing Data Quality Frameworks, Clinical Terminology Standardisation & OMOP Common Data Model Implementation

Project Details

The AHRA Transformational Data Collaboration is an Australian Health Research Alliance Network Data Collaboration led by Professor Boyle, addressing;

  • Data Quality Frameworks
  • Clinical Terminology Standardisation
  • Common Data Model Implementation (PATRON & VCCC Data Hub)

This AHRA collaboration will harness the unique national, open and collaborative nature of AHRA to work with national stakeholders towards advancing data use and re-use for research nationally in accordance with FAIR principles. The collaboration shall support national data initiatives in an open, inclusive and non-competitive manner. The three areas of need identified above (quality assessment, data standards and common data models) are proposed as foundational projects.


Membership of the Collaboration shall be inclusive and will require close working relationships with component partners of AHRTC’s and CIRH’s and national partners such as AIHW, ADHA, CSIRO, ARDC, and PHN’s.

Research Outcomes

This collaboration shall provide the means by which AHRA is able to provide unique and on-going contributions to advancing national data integration for research in-line with FAIR principles. Accelerating data integration shall accelerate research and accelerate our ability to improve the health of Australians.

Research Group

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