Trialing the implementation of a quality assurance framework in the Patron program

Project Details

Quality assurance of data contributed to the Patron primary care data repository is a core deliverable of the Patron program of research. As part of this quality assurance, we are characterising the data in-terms of its completeness, error rates, temporal characteristics, original intent, meaning and its ability to be utilized to answer specific research questions. In 2017 a University of Melbourne research student (Sandra Henley-Smith) completed a masters research project that developed a practical framework to undertake this work. Her framework was derived from the latest published research in this area and is an evolution of it. This project is:

  1. Revising the literature review and publishing the new framework in a peer-reviewed journal.
  2. Trialing the practical implementation of the framework on data contributing to the Patron data repository and using the framework to investigate metrics of data quality at the field, table and system levels.
  3. Disseminating the high-level non-identifiable trial implementation findings.

Research Outcomes

Research Group

Health Data Science for Medical Research Data for Decisions

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General Practice and Primary Care

MDHS Research library
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