The COVIDDA Program: The RMHive mobile app to support frontline workers in pandemics

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As the global death toll from COVID-19 rises, so too has the number of Australian health care providers seeking mental health support.  Despite a growing evidence base in favour of e-mental health services, we do not currently have a scalable cost-effective service or system for frontline health workers at higher risk for trauma related mental health conditions. Existing services are fragmented according to speciality and have not been resourced to deliver acute high-volume online mental health preparation, support, counselling and treatment.

Researchers from the Primary Care Mental Health Research team are working in collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Curve Tomorrow and Phoenix Australia to develop the RMHive mobile app (COVID-19 Digital Asset). This study has been designed to use experience based co-design methods to develop RMHive into a safe online space for frontline health workers seeking to feel connected, informed and supported. The experience based co-design approach involves health workers in each stage of the project to direct the development of RMHive, identify their needs, and ensure that RMHive can best meet those needs. RMHive will also provide evidence based, user-informed mental health information and resources for health workers. At this stage RMHve is directed to the tertiary hospital care setting, however could be extended to other settings.

COVIDDA video content is an essential part of the RMHive mobile app designed by Associate Professor Luke Burchill to support frontline healthcare workers. Learning Environments collaborated with experts from Phoenix Australia, and the Royal Melbourne Hospital to create a number of different series.

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Associate Professor Luke Burchill (Principal Investigator)- Royal Melbourne Hospital


Professor Victoria Palmer - University of Melbourne

Dr Emma West - Royal Melbourne Hospital

Ms Kristen Brooks - Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Jasmine Poonian - Royal Melbourne Hospital

Associate Professor Kathleen Gray - University of Melbourne

Mr Mo Jaimangal - Curve Tomorrow

Ms Michelle Joy - University of Melbourne

Professor Meaghan O'Donnell - University of Melbourne

Dr Caroline Johnson - University of Melbourne

Dr Franz Wohlgezogen - University of Melbourne

Dr Matthew Lewis - University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Steven Tong - Doherty Institute

Professor Jane Gunn - University of Melbourne

Professor Wendy Chapman - University of Melbourne

Research team

Ms Roxanne Kritharidis - University of Melbourne

Ms Maria Potiriadis - University of Melbourne

Ms Konstancja Densley - University of Melbourne


COVIDDA is funded by the Australian Federal Government, Royal Melbourne Hospital and The University of Melbourne [Ethics approval (HREC No.) 2056866]

Research Outcomes

News story | The Project, Channel 10 26 November 2020

Allen Tait (COO, The University of Melbourne) interviews Associate Professor Luke Burchill and Michelle Joy about COVIDDA
Listen to the interview

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