Social support following miscarriage

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Miscarriage affects up to 1 in 4 pregnancies – in Australia, that equates to 285 miscarriages a day affecting 104,000 couples a year.  Significant psychological impacts are common, however healthcare and social support following miscarriage remains rare.  Little Australian research to date has focussed on how we can improve healthcare and social support at the time of miscarriage. This project aims to explore the healthcare and social support experiences of women, men and families following miscarriage, as well as the views of health care practitioners on their suitability to provide this support. We are also examining the experiences of women and psychological support available through hospital based Early Pregnancy Assessment Services.



  • The Pink Elephants Support Network
  • Jean Hailes Research Unit
  • MAPrc

Research Publications

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  6. Bellhouse C, Temple-Smith M, Watson S, Bilardi J. “The loss was traumatic… some healthcare providers added to that trauma”: Women’s experiences of psychological distress and interactions with healthcare providers following miscarriage. Accepted by Women and Birth, June 5, 2018. 32(2):137-146

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