Understanding and exploring adolescent health presentations in the Victorian primary care setting: A study using contemporary electronic health records

Project Details

This project will describe adolescent and young people’s (aged 10 to 25 years) presentations to General Practice in Victoria by examining de-identified and pooled electronic medical record data from practices taking part in the Department of General Practice PATRON program. Our research will provide a contemporary understanding of adolescent presentations to general practice. These enquiries will advance knowledge gained from the last equivalent Australian study completed in 2008.


Prof Lena Sanci, Head of Department

Dr Ian Williams - Research Fellow in Adolescent Health

Prof Dougie Boyle - Rural Health Research/Informatics Research

A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis, Deputy Head of Department

Dr Ronnen Leizerovitz, GP Registrar

A/Prof Patty Chondros, Biostatistician in Primary Care

Dr Christine Hallinan, Research Fellow

Mr Adrian Laughlin, Biostatistician

Research Outcomes

This study aims to determine:

  • The demographic characteristics of young people presenting to general practice are in Victoria
  • The recorded reasons young people consult general practice in Victoria, along with their prevalence

How the recorded reasons for young people's presentations to general practice compare with the most recent Australian investigation into this issue (published in 2008)

Research Group

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General Practice and Primary Care

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