ImpleMenting the Aspirin Guidelines Into Clinical care

Project Details

This research explores the attitudes and practices of clinicians (gastroenterologists, geneticists and GPs) to prescribing aspirin to prevent colorectal cancer. This qualitative study will be further expanded to include exploring the knowledge, attitudes and practices of pharmacists to prescribing aspirin to inform methods for implementing the new guidelines.


  • Shakira Milton
  • Jennifer McIntosh
  • Thivagar Yogaparan
  • Sibel Saya
  • Pinn Karnchanachari
  • Peter Nguyen
  • Phyllis Lau
  • Finlay Macrae
  • Jon Emery


The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre’s (VCCC) Precision Prevention Program

Research Outcomes

Emerging themes suggest that specialists including; FCC staff and gastroenterologists, are generally aware of the recommendations for high risk patients (e.g. Lynch Syndrome) to take aspirin but not for average risk patients. The specialists are more likely to consult patients at moderate or high risk of CRC and suggest that GPs may be better placed to discuss the use of aspirin as a preventive medication with those at average risk. GPs also see the average risk recommendation as their role, but they have limited awareness of the guidelines.

The clinicians provided feedback for the EFTs and thought they would be useful during consultations with some patients to discuss the recommendations.

Research Group

Cancer in Primary Care

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General Practice

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