CovidCare: A clinical trial of the safety and efficacy of a self-monitoring app for Covid-19 symptoms and the mental health impacts of self-isolation

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CovidCare provides patients with symptoms and/or a diagnosis of Covid-19 with self-monitoring support. CovidCare is also providing researchers with critical information about emotional needs and the impact on mental health of self-isolation due to Covid-19.

See the CovidCare website here:

Our team of researchers from the Department of General Practice, Integrated Mental Health Research Program and The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, at The University of Melbourne are working in collaboration with the developers, Two Bulls, Swinburne University and clinicians from Altona North Medical Group to determine the efficacy and safety of the app. The data from the app will help to inform our understanding of the symptom trajectories and the benefits and potential harms of self-monitoring.

Users of the CovidCare app who have agreed to be contacted by the University may also be invited to a longer telephone interview to explore the impacts of self-isolation on mental health. You can read more about this in the Plain Language Statement (see 'Download information' below)

The purpose of this sub-study is to understand emotional needs during self-isolation from Covid-19 to inform care pathways for the effective management of mental health and wellbeing by GPs, for people self-isolating with Covid-19 and will inform future government, research and industry responses to future pandemics of this kind.

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For more information about the study please download the information below or email our research team.

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Associate Professor Victoria Palmer | P: +613 8344 4987 | E:


Associate Professor Victoria Palmer

Associate Professor Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis

Professor Lena Sanci

Professor Wendy Chapman

Professor Bruce Thompson (Swinburne University)

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal ((Altona North Medical Group & Cirqit Health)

Associate Professor Jeremy Goldin (Circle Health)


In partnership with Two Bulls


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Integrated Mental Health

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