PARTY (Prevention Access Risk Taking in Young People)

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The PARTY project is a world first design of a randomised trial of a systems intervention to re-orientate routine general practice toward a youth friendly preventive model of care for young people (Prevention Access Risk Taking in Young people, PARTY project, 2005-2012). This study has been conducted in two phases. The first phase, funded by the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) and Australian Primary health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) was in response to a call by AHMAC for interventions that were promising in addressing a range of youth health risks. Forty-two Victorian practices (90 GPs and 42 practice nurses) were recruited to test the effectiveness of an intervention training clinicians to detect risk-taking behaviours and provide counselling for young people involved in these behaviours (tobacco, alcohol and illicit substance use, risky driving or road use and unprotected sex). The results of this study showed improved detection of risk by clinician and improvement in some health outcomes over 12 months. This study highlighted the need for more systematic and time-efficient methods for health risks to be detected in presenting youth. The second phase of this study involved working at all levels of the practice system, with 34 of the practices to positively engage young people and manage their health. Changes implemented included development of websites, forums for parents and youth, confidentiality posters, information on health, screening for risks,  and so on (under analysis).



  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Centre for Adolescent Health, Royal Children’s Hospital
  • School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne
  • Melbourne Garduate School of Education
  • Nursing, University of Melbourne
  • Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science
  • University of California, San Francisco


APHCRI 'Health risk screening and counselling of adolescents in primary care: a cluster randomised controlled trial' (2005)

Australian Health Minister's Advisory Grant (2005-2009)

beyondblue 'Re-orientating general practice toward preventive mental health care for adolescents, utilising the practice nurse: a pilot study' (2005-2006)

APHCRI 'Re-organising practice nurse care: an evaluation of adolescent health care clinics in general practice' (2006)

NHMRC 'Re-orienting general practice systems toward youth friendly care: a cluster randomized controlled trial' (2009-2013)

Research Publications

  • Sanci L, Chondros P, Sawyer S., Pirkis J, Ozer E, Hegarty K, Yang F, Grabsch B, Shiell A, Cahill H, Ambresin AE, Patterson E, Patton G. Responding to Young People's Health Risks in Primary Care: A Cluster Randomised Trial of Training Clinicians in Screening and Motivational Interviewing. PLOS One. 2015;10(9): e0137581
  • Sanci LA., Grabsch B., Chondros P., Shiell A., Pirkis J., Sawyer SM., Hegarty K., Patterson E., Cahill H., Ozer E., Seymour J., Patton GC. The Prevention Access and Risk Taking in Young people (PARTY) Project Protocol: a cluster randomised controlled trial of health risk screening and motivational interviewing for young people presenting to general practice. BMC Public Health 2012 12:400
  • Paulis, W., M Palmer, P Chondros, S Kauer, M VanMiddelkoop, L Sanci. Health profiles of overweight and obese youth attending general practice. Archives of Disease in Childhood 1doi:0.1136/archdischild-2016-311404
  • Martin J, Kauer S, Sanci L. Road safety risks in young people attending general practice: A cross-sectional study of road risks and associated health risks. Australian Family Physician 2016; 45(9): 666-672

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Children and Young People’s Health

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