The characterisation of CT Receptor expression in the CNS and perinatal PNS: the distribution, intracellular associations and functions of isoforms.

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The ontogeny and distribution of CT Receptor has been mapped in developing (Tolcos M, et al. Ontogeny of calcitonin receptor mRNA and protein in the developing central nervous system of the rat. J Comp Neurol. 456, 29-38, 2003) and adult rat brain (Becskei C, et al. Immunohistochemical mapping of calcitonin receptors in the adult rat brain. Brain Res 1030, 221-233, 2004). The CT Receptor is also expressed by neurons of the PNS in the perinatal gut in mouse (Wookey PJ, et al. Transient expression of the calcitonin receptor by enteric neurons in the embryonic and immediately post-natal period in the mouse. Cell Tissue Res, 347, 311-317, 2012) with little clarity on isoform identity or intra-neural function. Little is known about the relative distribution of the isoforms CTa and CTb Receptors in the CNS or PNS. A focus of this project will be the intra-tissue distribution of isoforms, association with subcellular organelles and function within the axoplasm.



International PhD scholarships from the University of Melbourne, philanthropic funds, funds from the pharmaceutical industry and MEL-BER seed grant 2019. Other grant applications (ARC and NHMRC) and Grand Cancer Challenges are pending.

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Cardiovascular and Tumourivascular Laboratory

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Cancer, Neuroscience

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Cancer in Medicine, Neuroscience & Psychiatry, Cardiometabolic

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