Epileptic Encephalopathies: Finding the cause

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Epileptic Encephalopathies are rare severe disorders in which infants or children have multiple different types of seizures that are extremely difficult to control.  They are usually accompanied by slowing in development, sometimes with loss of skills. We have assembled a large cohort of patients with epileptic encepalopathies, with ongoing recruitment and clinical assessment.  This has led to the indentification of many novel genes for different forms of epileptic encephalopathies, however the cause in >60% of these patients remains unknown. Through detailed analysis of clinical and genetic features we have described new epileptic encaphalopathy syndromes and analysed the relationship between specific types of epilepsy and the causative genes. More answers regarding the causes and therapies for epileptic encephalopathies will emerge with our ongoing work.



  • Associate Professor Heather Meffford, Division of Genetic Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, USA



Research Publications

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