Therapies targeting the renin angiotensin system (RAS) in liver fibrosis

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Liver cirrhosis and its sequelae of liver failure, is now one of the world’s leading causes of chronic illness and death. As a result, there is a major need to develop antifibrotic therapies which can prevent liver scarring and the development of cirrhosis in patients with chronic liver disease. The broad aim of this project is to achieve a greater understanding of chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis and to develop new therapies for their treatment or prevention.

The classical view of the RAS is of a linear cascade in which angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is a key enzyme, converting angiotensin I (Ang I) to the potent vasoconstrictor and profibrotic cytokine Ang II, which acts via the angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R). It is now known that there is alternate arm of the RAS in which ACE2, a homolog of ACE, degrades Ang II and generates angiotensin-(1-7) (Ang-(1-7)), which in contrast to Ang II, has vasodilatory, anti-growth and anti-proliferative actions.  In most tissues these effects are mediated in part by the Mas receptor, a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). This ACE2-angiotensin-(1-7)-Mas receptor axis is thought to intrinsically regulate the RAS system by reducing Ang II levels and producing Ang-(1-7), thus counterbalancing the potentially harmful effects of Ang II. ACE2 therefore plays a key role in counterbalancing the RAS system in pathological states such as cirrhosis. Thus, we use an experimental gene therapy approach to ameliorate liver fibrosis in murine models as well as in a humanized murine model of liver disease. The humanized mice are a perfect model for testing the drugs before the commencement of clinical trials in human patients.



  • Professor Ian Alexander, Childrens Hospital Westmead, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Sof Andrikopoulos, Department of Medicine, Austin Health, The University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Alexandra Sharland, Department of Surgery, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney


  • NHMRC project grant: Novel therapies targeting the alternate renin angiotensin system in chronic liver disease (2017-2021).

Research Publications

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Hepatology and Gastroenterology Research Group

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