Clinical Neurosciences

Research Overview

The Clinical Neurosciences group sustains a large research focus principally centred on epilepsy modelling, clinical and animal studies of epilepsy and other neurological disorders, epidemiological studies of epilepsy and other neurological disorders including risk factor analysis and incidence in various populations and novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches including the use of biopolymers.


  • Associate Professor Wendyl D'Souza, Research Fellow
  • Dr Dean Freestone, Research Fellow
  • Dr Andre Peterson, Research Fellow
  • Mr Simon Vogrin, Neuroimaging Research Analyst


  • 619614 NHMRC Project Grant. CIs Mark Cook, Gordon Wallace, Simon Moulton, Robert Kapsa. Polymers for anti-epileptic drug delivery (2010 - 2012). $514, 735 AUD.
  • 1026367 NHMRC Project Grant. CIs Mark Cook, David Grayden, Leigh Johnston, Chris Plummer. Non-invasive methods for localising epileptic brain activity (2012 - 2014). $653, 269.95 AUD.
  • 1000764 NHMRC Development Grant. CIs Mark Cook, David Grayden, Chris Williams, Peter Blamey, Anthony Burkitt. Development of an ambulatory epilepsy treatment device (2010 - 2012). $415, 700 AUD.

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For further information about this research, please contact Group Leader Professor Mark Cook

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