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Research Overview

Professor David O’Neal leads his own research group based at the University Of Melbourne, Department Of Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital. He has led studies with significant national and international collaborations involving clinicians, academics and industry. In addition to planning his own investigator- initiated studies he has provided input into study design of commercially sponsored studies which his team has conducted.

The D.T.R.G Mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes through exceptional research that drives advancement in innovative technologies.

Their vision is to be the centre of excellence in Adult t1 diabetes technology research in Australia and the leading partner for collaborators, participants, industry and key stakeholders.


Professor David O’Neal, Head of DTRG Principal  Investigator
Professor Alicia Jenkins, Principal Investigator
Catriona Sims, Project Portfolio Manager
Dr Melissa Lee, Clinical Physician (PHD)
Dr Barbora Paldus, Clinical Physician (PHD)
Dr  Balasubramanian Krishna Murthy, Clinical Physician
Dr Nisha Venkatesh, Research Fellow
Varuni Obeyesekere, Scientist
Sue Kent, Registered Nurse 
Katie Brown, Clinical Research Co-ordinator
Dr Dale Morrison, Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Exercise Physiologist
Lesley Robinson, Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Credentialed Diabetes Educator
Emma Netzer, Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Credentialed Diabetes Educator
Hannah Jones, Clinical Research Co-ordinator, Credentialed Diabetes Educator



Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia
Helmsley Charitable Trust
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Research Endowment Fund

Research Opportunities

This research project is available to PhD, Honours to join as part of their thesis.
Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.

Research Publications

Zaharieva, D., Messer, M., Paldus, B., O’Neal, D., Maahs, D., Riddell, M. (2020). Physical activity and exercise using closed loop technology.  Accepted for publication Canadian Journal of Diabetes

Venkatesh, N., Paldus, B., Lee, MH., MacIsaac, RJ., Jenkins, AJ., O’Neal, DN. (2020). COVID-19, Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Practice, Research and Remote Medical Care: A View From the Land Down-Under. Accepted for publication Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

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Lee, MH., Paldus, B., O’Neal, DN. (2017). Type 1 diabetes and the Artificial Pancreas.  Diabetes Management Journal

Morrison, D., et al. (2020) Kinetics of Continuously Measured Interstitial Versus Venous Lactate Following High Intensity Exercise in Adults With Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics. Vol. 22. 140

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For further information about this research, please contact Group Leader Professor David O'Neal

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Medicine and Radiology , St Vincent's Hospital

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Diabetes Technology Research Group

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