Heart Failure Decision Support

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Heart Faile with Reduced Ejection Fraction

We are developing and implementing a novel end-to-end digital solution to support the use of and adherence to guideline-recommended therapies in reduced-ejection fraction heart failure (HFrEF) involving hospital clinicians, specialty heart failure nurses, primary GP carers and patients to address proven treatment gaps arising from the complexity of the current guidelines for treatment. The aim is to rapidly deliver enhanced health practices for better health systems efficiency to reduce serious adverse outcomes, and improve HFrEF survival.


Prof Anthony Keech, University of Sydney, NSW
Dr Sean Lal, University of Sydney, NSW
Prof Peter Macdonald, University of Melbourne, Vic
Dr Caleb Ferguson, Western Sydney University, NSW 
Prof Alicia Jenkins, University of Sydney, NSW
Dr Kathy Dempsey, University of Sydney, NSW
Prof Clara Chow, University of Sydney, NSW
Dr Rachel O'Connell, University of Sydney, NSW
A/Prof Gary Kilov, University of Melbourne, Vic


Medical Research Future Fund - Cardiovascular Mission

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