Neural modelling of epileptic dynamics

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This project aims to understand the links between the average single neuron behavior with the behaviour of a network of neurons.  In particular, we would like to understand how the electrical behaviour becomes unstable, for example, when there is a transition to a seizure-like state from a normal or resting state.  We will use neurophysiology and neuroanatomy on multiple scales in combination with some mathematics to constrain the problem.  This would involve some mathematical/statistical analysis and computational simulations that are strongly grounded in neuroscience.  

Students with an interest in brain modelling and some background in either neuroscience/computer-science/engineering/physics/mathematics, particularly matlab programming are encouraged to apply.  Mathematical/ theoretical skills would be appreciated but are not as important as being interested/motivated/curious in a multi-disciplinary project.  The project can be tailored to suit the student’s background appropriately.

This project will be jointly supervised by Dr Andre Peterson, Professor Mark Cook and Professor Tony Burkitt (Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering).

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Neural Engineering and Brain Dynamics

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Neuroscience & Psychiatry

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