Antimicrobial Stewardship in the community and general practice

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Antibiotics are among the most common medications prescribed in general practice, but there is very little information available regarding the indications for use and the appropriateness of the antibiotic prescriptions. Additionally, very little is known about how GPs learn about antibiotics and the perceptions and attitudes that shape their prescribing behaviour.

To gain an insight into the patterns of antibiotic use and adherence to guidelines in general practice, we will utilise the MAGNET research platform to analyse clinical data that has been extracted from the clinical records of patients attending general practices in the inner eastern region of Melbourne.  We will also conduct qualitative interviews with GPs to understand their workflows and the barriers and enablers to evidence-based prescribing of antibiotics.  

The findings from both the quantitative and qualitative studies will be used to inform the development of novel interventions that can guide GPs' decision-making around antibiotic prescribing and address the education needs of GPs to support their decision-making.


  • A/Professor Kirsty Buising AC
  • A/Professor Caroline Marshall CI
  • Professor Danielle Mazza CI
  • Dr N Deborah Friedman AI


  • NHMRC CRE Grant APP1079625

Research Publications

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