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Introduction: The STEP Care clinical trial is testing the standardization of timing of integration of palliative care, thereby reducing variation and improving access to best care.

Title: STEP Care:  A Randomised study to examine feasibility of Standardised, Early Palliative (STEP) Care for patients with Advanced Cancer.

Rationale: International evidence suggests palliative care introduced ‘early’ alongside usual  care results in better outcomes for people with cancer and their families, yet the definition of ‘early’ varies meaning there is substantial variation in clinical practice. We have established ‘transition points’ when standardised early palliative (STEP) care should be integrated across a series of cancers.

Key Aim (s): This randomized control trial will examine the feasibility and effectiveness of early palliative care (STEP Care) introduced at transition points in the illness, compared to usual care for people with advanced cancer.

Primary outcomes relate to the feasibility of introducing STEP care at these transition points.

Potential impact: This work is an important step towards reducing variability and improving access to best care for people with cancer.


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Professor Jennifer Philip;

Dr Anna Collins;


Victorian Cancer Agency

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Jennifer Philip

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