VCCC Building Capability in Clinical Trials Program

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Introduction:  The establishment of a multisite clinical trial collaborative across palliative care services within the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre has an overarching goal of increasing patient access to clinical trials in all stages of their cancer illness.

Title VCCC Building Capability in Clinical Trials Program

Rationale A key element of the VCCC’s Strategic Research Plan is to expand patient access to clinical trials through broadening and diversifying clinical trial groups. Palliative care was identified as the first clinical discipline to resource and support as palliative care has high-level community support, a large patient pool and a proven track record of collaboration and excellence.

Key Aim To advance knowledge and opportunity in clinical trials to increase expertise and expand patient access.

Potential impact By increasing clinical trial understanding and capability of clinicians, increasing research activity and simultaneously increasing the number of clinical trials available to palliative care patients the provision of evidence based best practice care is in turn,  increased.

VCCC sites: Peter MacCallum, St Vincent’s, Western Health, Austin Health, Royal Melbourne, Royal Children’s Hospital.


Key contact: Leeanne Pasanen;



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Jennifer Philip

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