Dimitriadis Group Reproductive Biology and Co-Head Gynaecology Research Centre

Research Overview

This group is interested in reproductive biology.


  • Ms Emily Jane Bromley, Research Support Officer
  • Ms Judi Hocking, SRN
  • Dr Ellen Menkhorst, Decidual Biology Group Leader, Research Fellow in Reproductive biology
  • Dr Leilani Santos, Senior Research Support Officer https://www.findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/display/person665840>
  • Ms Kelly Sorby, PhD Student
  • Ms Teresa So, Research Support Officer
  • Dr Wei Zhou, Research Fellow in Reproductive Biology


  • A/Prof Kaori Koga, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • A/Prof Daniel Rolnik, Monash University, Australia
  • Prof Kypros Nicolaides, NHS, London, United Kingdom
  • Dr Jemma Evans, Hudson Institute, Australia


  • Grant funding last 5 years (2013-19) $5,777,014
  • Grant funding overall as CIA $8,291,120
  • NHMRC funding last 5 years (as CIA 2013-19) $3,222,414
  • NHMRC funding overall as CIA $5,886,520
  • Industry Grant funding last 5 years as CIA (2013-19) $282,000
  • Industry Grant funding overall as CIA $2,404,600

Research Outcomes

mbryo implantation and infertility

Takamura M, Zhou W, Dimitriadis E revisions after review this is now accepted <more information needed on title of article>

Van Sinderen M, Oyanedel J, Menkhorst E, Cuman C, Rainczuk K, Winship A, Salamonsen LA, Edgell TA, Dimitriadis E.  Soluble Delta-like ligand 1 alters human endometiral epithelial cell adhesive capacity.  Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 2017;29(4):694-702.

Winship A, Dimitriadis E.  Interleukin 11 induces preterm birth and modulates decidual inflammasome gene expression in mice.  Placenta 2017;50:99-101.

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Developing biomarkers and therapeutics for preeclampsia and miscarriage

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Endometrial cancer development and new treatment options

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