Menstrual concerns in young women: the father's perspective (DADs Study)

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Menstrual pain not only impacts on the individual girl/woman, but also on her family. Conversely, the attitudes of the family towards menstrual pain may have a significant impact on how the girl/women views, understands and manages her symptoms. To date, there is no literature available that considers the father’s perspective of menstrual pain. Information on the father’s perspective may help identify specific areas where education may help a father support and advocate for his daughter.  Ultimately, understanding men’s views more generally may help overcome current taboos surrounding menstruation and dysmenorrhoea.

The aims of this study are to understand the father’s perspective on menstrual period pain and to identify how the father’s perspective impacts on the daughter’s perception and management of menstrual pain. The study will involve girls attending the Adolescent Gynaecology Clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and their parents and will address the father’s understanding and attitude towards menstrual pain, its cause and management, and the impact of their daughter’s symptoms on day to day activities.

This is the first study considering the father’s perspective on menstrual pain and will help to identify key areas of clinical need to assist father’s to support their daughters.


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Child Health in Medicine, Women's Health

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