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The Psychosocial Research Centre (PRC) is committed to research, education and training, policy and practice development that will improve the wellbeing of people with mental illness and their families.  PRC focuses on psychosocial approaches to prevention, treatment and recovery, involving consumers and their families; increasing community participation and improving economic outcomes for people affected by mental illness.

PRC works in three priority areas: enhancing recovery from mental illness through social and economic participation; bridging current evidence and practice gaps in the delivery of psychosocial interventions; and, building new evidence for psychosocial approaches which enhance recovery from mental illness.  The group works in areas that have historically been neglected by mainstream psychiatry, but which continue to have a great impact on the life of the person experiencing mental illness.


  • Prof Carol Harvey, Director and Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, Adjunct Professor, La Trobe University
  • Prof Ellie Fossey, Professor and Head of Occupational Therapy, Monash University
  • Catherine Bressanutti, Manager
  • Dr Christine Migliorini, Research and Evaluation Co-ordinator,
  • Lenice Murray, Research Assistant
  • Alicia King, Research Assistant
  • Samantha Zuccarelli, Administration


2020: Fletcher J, Brophy L, Hamilton B, Harvey C, Muir-Cochrane E, Minshall C & Oostermeijer S. Models of care and practice for the inpatient management of highly acute mental illness and acute severe behavioural disturbance. Evidence check review for the Sax Institute.

2020 : Harvey C, Brophy L, Hamilton B, Fletcher J, Minshall C, Ennals P, Newton R, Killaspy H, McKenzie P & Bressanutti C. Models of care for people with severe and enduring mental illness. Rapid and expert review for the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

2019: Brophy L, Harvey C, Hamilton B, Roper C, Fletcher J, Martel A, Minshall C & Oostermeijer S. Designing mental health facilities that prevent the use of seclusion and restraint. Evidence check review for the Sax Institute.

2019-2020: Harvey C, Migliorini C, O’Hanlon B. Developing and researching an online intervention for families and friends of young people with mental health problems who access eheadspace. Consultancy for eheadspace.

2018-2019: Monson K, Harvey C, Bendall S, McMaster D. Experiences of contact with the better access to mental healthcare for young Iraqi and Syrian refugees service. Consultancy for Orygen Youth Health.

2018-2022: Palmer V, Gunn J, Harvey C, Furler J, Osborn D, Davidson S, Jayaram M, Chondros P, Kenny A. Assertive Care: a randomised trial to reduce cardiovascular risk for people with severe mental illness. NHMRC project grant.

2016-2020: Pirkis J, Brophy L, Spittal M, Harvey C, Farhall J, Mihalopoulos C, Meadows G, Palmer V, Newton R, Fossey E. Building the evidence base of Prevention and Recovery Care Services (PARCS). NHMRC partnership project grant.

2016-2020: Morgan V, McGrath J, Galletly C, Harvey C, Castle D, Cohen M, Jablensky A, Carr V, Neil A, Waterreus A. An empirical framework for assessing mortality and morbidity in people with psychotic disorders: A 7-year prospective and 10-year retrospective follow-up of 2075 participants in the Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP) using linked registers. NHMRC project grant.

Research Publications

TOP 5 publications

Poon A, Joubert L, Mackinnon A & Harvey C. (2017) A Longitudinal Population-Based Study of Carers of People with Psychosis. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 26: 265–275. PubMed

Watson J, Fossey E & Harvey C. (2019) A home but how to connect with others? A qualitative metasynthesis of experiences of people with mental illness living in supported housing. Health and Social Care in the Community, 27: 546-564. PubMed

Morgan V, Waterreus A, Carr V, Castle D, Cohen M, Harvey C, Galletly C, Mackinnon A, McGorry P, McGrath J, Neil A, Saw S, Badcock J, Foley D, Waghorn G, Coker S & Jablensky A. (2017) Responding to challenges for people with psychotic illness: Updated evidence from the Survey of High Impact Psychosis—SHIP. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 51: 124–140. PubMed

Harvey C, Brophy L, Parsons S, Moeller-Saxone K, Grigg M & Siskind D. (2016) People living with psychosocial disability: Rehabilitation and recovery-informed service provision within the second Australian national survey of psychosis. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 50: 534-547. PubMed

Hayes L, Hawthorne G, Farhall J, O’Hanlon B & Harvey C. (2015) Quality of life and social isolation among caregivers of adults with schizophrenia: policy and outcomes. Community Mental Health Journal 51: 591-597. PubMed

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